“Don’t let social media fool you” – Tonto Dikeh advice fans

Tonto Dikeh wants fans to not be deceived by what they see on social media. Tonto Dikeh wants fans to not be deceived by what they see on social media.

Tonto Dikeh has got a piece of very kind and really important advice for her fans which includes them not getting carried away and fooled by what they see on social media.

The movie star made this known via her Instagram page on Thursday, January 31, 2019. In a post, she talked about how people shouldn’t get deceived by photos and lifestyles posted by on social media. She went on to caption the post with a quote that is worth reading; “Don’t be fooled nor be  pressured to live on the fast lane…I know people(MALE AND FEMALE) who travel abroad once a year and take pics to last the gram for a year(Slowly releasing them to make us feel they travel every day!! I know people(MALE AND FEMALE) who change 4times on a one time trip on a PJ for pics and post them periodically and we feel they travel every Sec in style..

“No pun intended “BUT THIS IS TO SAY NEVER WANT ANYONE LIFE, WORK YOUR LIFE AT YOUR PACE…Don’t get intimidated by any ones success..for all you know you cld be worth more that the life you envy or wish! LOVE YOU ALL. Good morning folks,” she wrote.Tonto Dikeh says people shouldn't be deceived by what they see on social media [Instagram/TontoDikeh] When celebrities write epistles like this, we begin to wonder who they are always referring to because it is a well-known fact that most of these celebrities are known for living the flamboyant lifestyles being talked about by Tonto. However, this is not the first time a celeb will be dishing out such advice as we can recall the time Joke Silva shook this same table.


“Don’t be deceived by what goes on on social media”- Joke Silva says

Joke Silva

All that glitters they say isn’t gold as Joke Silva wants you all not to be deceived by what goes on social media in the lives of celebrities. The veteran actress made this known during an interview with Genevieve Magazine for their September edition which she also is its cover girl.

According to her, actors are doing more than just acting to add to their source of income. She, however, posted a part version of that interview on her Instagram page on Thursday, September 27, 2018, with a beautiful photo.Joke Silva is all smiles “Don’t be deceived by what goes on on social media. Obviously, there is something else such actors are doing, perhaps other businesses to shore up their income. The reality is that on the earning capacity of an actor in Nigeria, you cannot have that sort of lifestyle in this economy. Yes, part of our industry is to have glamour but also the other part is to have reality,” she said. 

Joke Silva and her one million dollar smile Aunty Joke as she is fondly called has a point and we know how different celebrities have come out to talk about the lifestyles of their colleagues. For some celebs, it is wrong to lie about the source of their wealth while for others it is wrong to even show off this wealth on social media.

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